How Do You List a Business on Bing?


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The Bing Places for Business website lets local business owners list their businesses on Bing. In addition, the website accommodates businesses with multiple locations or without physical stores.

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To add a local business, create an account on Bing Place for Business, and search for a pre-existing listing by submitting your business phone number, location or name. Claim and update the listing if it's available; otherwise, click the Create New Business button to make a new listing. In addition to name, phone and category, owners can add business hours, accolades, contact information in social media and other details. Bing Places for Business recommends adding photos to help customers easily locate the business. Verification via a personal identification number is typically necessary to publish the listing on Bing.

To add a business with multiple locations, send the information in bulk by uploading an Excel file. Business owners can list up to 10,000 locations per upload. The file must strictly follow the guidelines set by Bing Places for Business; even a single error can lead to the rejection of the file.

The process for adding a business that doesn't have a physical store is similar to that for adding a local business. However, the business owner should disable the setting that displays the address in the search results.

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