How Is Linksys N300 Set Up?

How Is Linksys N300 Set Up?

The Linksys N300 router is set up using an installation disk, and then following the prompts. It uses a standard setup wizard that asks for permission before installing any files and requires the user to setup a passkey for router use.

Although Macs and PCs have different operating systems, the installation procedure is still relatively the same. Because the program is from a third-party provider, the installation program will ask for permission, where the admin of the computer will sometimes have to insert a password and OK the application. However, once that is finished, the rest of the procedure is relatively quick and easy. Use these instructions to install and setup a N300 router.

  1. Read the Software End User License Agreement
  2. These are the terms user agree with prior to using the application they are getting ready to install. After reading it, press the next button.

  3. Connect the router
  4. Locate an outlet and plug the power cord from the router it. With the router connected, take the Ethernet cable and connect it from the modem to the router.

  5. Agree
  6. Press Yes to install the Linksys Connect.

  7. Create a password
  8. As a measure of security for strangers to not use the available network, create a router password. This password should be fairly difficult to solve.

  9. Press Done
  10. After next prompt says the computer is connected, press the Done button.