How Do You Get More Likes on Facebook?


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There are many strategies to generate more likes for Facebook posts, including posting during high-traffic times, deleting posts that aren't popular, asking interesting questions and not posting too frequently. Users who consider these strategies stand a better chance of distinguishing their posts and gaining more attention.

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Choosing an ideal time to make posts is one way to gather more likes. According to Forbes, Facebook posts that appear in the weekday evenings, once most users are done with work, stand a better chance of attracting more likes. Posts made on the weekends are also likely to gain more visibility. Another tactic to gain more likes is to delete posts that don't receive much attention. Although it's uncertain exactly how Facebook's newsfeed chooses which posts are displayed the most prominently, posts that immediately receive numerous likes generally move to the top of the feed. If a post doesn't receive many likes within its first two hours, consider deleting it and posting something different.

Asking compelling questions is another strategy to attract likes. A question offers other users the opportunity to contribute their own opinions, which raises the chance of their also liking the post. Finally, avoid posting too frequently, which can cut down on likes. Users who clog other people's newsfeeds with excessive posting often see a reduction in their likes. Limit posting to once or twice a day to yield maximum likes.

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