How Does a LifeProof Headphone Adapter Work?


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A Lifeproof headphone adapter works by letting a mobile phone owner connect his headphones to his phone without decreasing the protection the Lifeproof case provides. The adapter is a short cable with a male connector that screws into the Lifeproof case and a female connector that attaches to the headphones.

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A Lifeproof headphone adapter is required because most regular male headphone adapters cannot fully connect to a mobile phone with a Lifeproof case. Even those headphone adapters that can fully connect through the case should not be used without an adapter because they decrease the effectiveness of the Lifeproof case. Properly installed, a Lifeproof case is water-, snow- and dirtproof. However, when anything breaks the case's seal, water and other contaminants can enter the case and damage the phone.

Lifeproof headphone adapters have both a threaded screw and a rubber o-ring to make a strong seal with the case. While water or other contaminants can still damage the user's headphones if the female end of the Lifeproof headphone adapter gets wet or dirty, the phone itself remains protected.

Every new Lifeproof case comes standard with a headphone adapter. However, for users who break or lose their adapters, Lifeproof offers replacements. Unlike the rest of the Lifeproof case, the headphone adapter is not guaranteed against damage resulting from drops, impacts or other sudden shocks.

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