What Are the LG Remote Codes for Apple Tv?


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Contrary to the codes that televisions use, Apple TV directly reads the infrared signal of a remote through in-built software in order to use a third-party remote such as one sold by LG. Apple has a procedure for configuring this on the support page on its website.

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Unlike a television, which checks for a specific signal, the Apple TV device instead scans for an infrared signal directly to configure itself. The setting is located by navigating from Settings, to General and then to Remotes, and selecting Learn Remote.

Once this process is started, the user has to press buttons on the third-party infrared remote in order to configure those buttons to specific functions in the Apple TV. This allows for direct customization of the remote's input. Each button must be held while the Apple TV device configures itself to the infrared signal that is emitted from the remote.

The only codes available for an Apple TV device are the codes for configuring AirPlay. Because of the functionality of Apple TV devices, depending on the model, some LG remotes may not work with the device at all. Reviewing the compatibility of an individual LG remote model with Apple TV addresses this problem.

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