What LG Phones Come Equipped With Bluetooth Technology?


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Since 2012, all LG phones manufactured for use in the United States come equipped with Bluetooth technology. Many LG phones also are Bluetooth Smart Ready, including the G Series, Realm, Tribute and Volt.

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Bluetooth technology, created in 1994, uses radio transmissions to share data over short distances. Many consumers use Bluetooth to connect their cell phones to wireless headsets, car speakers and medical devices. Bluetooth Smart, introduced in 2011, is an extension of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth Smart products are designed to use a very small amount of energy over a long period of time. This technology allows for energy-efficient devices such as heart rate monitors, USB dongles, proximity sensors and styluses.

Bluetooth.com provides a list of Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, which are compatible with Bluetooth Smart products. From Bluetooth.com, select Bluetooth Smart under What Is Bluetooth Technology on the navigation bar to view a list of Bluetooth Smart Ready devices and Bluetooth Smart products. Devices that are not Bluetooth Smart Ready are only compatible with regular Bluetooth products, and not with Bluetooth Smart products.

Bluetooth Smart Ready LG phones are available on the major carriers Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, and on smaller carriers such as Tracfone, ACG, Boost Mobile, Cricket and Metro PCS.

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