What Are Some Lessons Offered by Sugardoodle?

What Are Some Lessons Offered by Sugardoodle?

Sugardoodle offers numerous scripture lessons including "The Holy Ghost Helps Me," "I Am Thankful for Water" and "Do Unto Others." Each lesson includes activity ideas, suggested readings and resource links for handouts. Lesson outlines are also available for young adult and adult Sunday School classes.

Sugardoodle is a website featuring clip art, project ideas, recipes, lesson outlines and music for Latter Day Saints. It offers extensive lesson plans and support materials for groups of all ages.

"The Holy Ghost Helps Me" is a children's lesson teaching the difference between the Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Heavenly Ghost. The lesson plan includes activity ideas, coloring pages and a lesson manual.

"I Am Thankful for Water" is another children's lesson plan. The plan includes activities such as miming actions people do with water, making water drops out of balloons and moving water from cup to cup with eye droppers. The lesson includes a coloring page, door signs and the lesson manual.

The "Do Unto Others" lesson is for older children and focuses on teaching children how to treat others. The lesson comes with activities including cutting out giant footprints and attaching a picture of Jesus doing a good deed to each footprint. The children step on each footprint, turning it over to see the good deed. The lesson also features a lesson manual.

Lesson plans for young adult and adult students include articles and worksheets for guided studies. While the adult lessons do not have a manual, they do offer guidelines for discussion and preparation for the lesson. Sugardoodle offers lesson plans for each month of the year with four to six lessons per month. Additional lessons are available in preparing the temple, marriage and family relationships, doctrine and covenant, and temple history.