What Are Some of the Lessons and Games on ABC Reading Eggs?

The lessons on the ABC Reading Egg website include Stepping Stones Reading, Storylands and Skills Bank Spelling, which help children improve their vocabulary, reading comprehension and spelling skills. The games include educational apps such as Eggy Animal Stories, Eggy Times Tables and Eggy Alphabet, among others.

As of 2015, the Stepping Stones Reading program includes 120 lessons that serve as the core of the ABC Reading Eggs learn-to-read program. This program groups the activities into three levels, each featuring 40 lessons. The first level is intended for children between the age of 3 and 6, and it focuses on learning sounds and reading 3-letter words. The second level focuses on vocabulary in different areas, including numbers, facial features and animals. The final level deals with new phonic patterns and words that feature long vowels.

The Storylands program includes 20 lessons and 140 reading activities that are based on the Clinker Castle series of books. The Skills Bank Spelling program features 96 spelling lessons, each focusing on a list containing 12 words. The program organizes the lessons in three levels, starting with lessons intended for kindergarteners and ending with ones intended for students in the second grade.

The games include interactive activities and stories that focus on numbers, letters and basic mathematical functions. The Apps section on the ABC Reading Egg website allows users to download the games to their Android and iOS devices and provides a list of features for each one.