Do LED TVs Have Better Resolution Than LCD TVs?


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LED televisions do not inherently have superior resolution to LCD televisions. LED televisions are LCD displays that use light-emitting diodes to illuminate the display. While this lighting system has potential advantages over older methods of lighting LCD displays, the use of LEDs does not directly affect display resolution.

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Do LED TVs Have Better Resolution Than LCD TVs?
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While LED televisions do not have inherently superior resolutions to LCD televisions that use compact fluorescent lights to illuminate the display, there are advantages to using LED light sources that often significantly affect the perceived quality of the image. LED televisions that use individual red, green and blue LEDs offer improved color reproduction as compared to LCD televisions, since they are capable of adjusting the color levels of the light source along with its brightness.

LED televisions utilize area dimming systems to selectively reduce the brightness of the LEDs in regions of a displayed image that are darker, improving the contrast of the display. In comparison, older LCD televisions often display black areas in a scene in gray tones due to the light from the compact fluorescent light source illuminating these areas. The apparent resolution of an LED television often appears higher to many people in comparison to similar LCD displays, due to these technologies.

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