What Are LED Screens?


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Light Emitting Diode, or LED screens are flat panel video displays that use an array of light-emitting diodes as video display. A light emitting diode is a semiconductor chip enclosed in a transparent plastic case. The case allows light to pass through, and the emission of different colors by the screen depends on the semiconductor material used in the diode.

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What Are LED Screens?
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LED screens consist of several LED panels and are common in store signs, billboards, sporting arenas and concert venues. They are best for lighting, general illumination, task lighting or stage lighting because they are able to provide extra light in addition to standard visual display. There are two types of LED screens, and each type depends on the kind of LED panel it uses, which can either be conventional or surface-mounted device panels.

Most outdoor LED screens utilize conventional or discrete LEDs, which are a combination of red, green and blue diodes fastened together to form a full-color pixel screen. A better part of indoor LED screens is from the surface-mounted device, or SMD technology. The technology entails fixing red, green and blue diodes on a chipset and mounting the chipset on the driver PC board. Suitable locations for placing an LED screen depend on several factors such as the line of sight, local authority and power cable run requirements.

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