How Do You Leave Feedback on an EBay Purchase?

How Do You Leave Feedback on an EBay Purchase?

Leave feedback for sellers using the feedback forum on eBay. Click "Leave Feedback" on the right side of the screen.

Leaving feedback for a purchase made on eBay is a way to tell other shoppers about the experience with a particular seller. These ratings help to build a seller's reputation. It is easy to leave positive, negative or neutral feedback and eBay provides a space for comments.

  1. Visit the Feedback Forum
  2. Visit eBay's Feedback Forum and look at the options on the right side of the page. Under "Feedback Tools" click the link that says "Leave Feedback."

  3. Sign in
  4. Sign in to the eBay account, if necessary.

  5. Choose the item

    Choose the item in which to leave the feedback rating.

  6. Leave feedback
  7. Leave feedback by rating the communication between the buyer and seller, shipping time, shipping charges and the item received. Each of these items is rated on a star system with one star being negative and five stars being positive. If desired, add any comments about the buying experience under the star rating.

  8. Click "Submit"
  9. Once happy with the feedback, click "Submit."

It is important to note that sellers have the chance to respond to feedback. They can try to correct negative feedback and may also comment on positive feedback.