How Do You Lease a Cell Tower From Crown Castle?


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Leasing a cell tower from Crown Castle requires contacting the company directly and negotiating an agreement. Because of the large number of factors affecting the value of any particular cell tower, there are no fixed rates for leasing these structures. Crown Castle typically leases towers to telecommunications providers, not individuals.

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While cell towers appear to be fairly uniform structures, their values are often very different. Crown Castle and similar telecommunications infrastructure companies rarely own the land on which the company's towers stand. The land in question is used with the permission of a landowner. Crown Castle itself signs another lease with the landowner in order to build towers there. Because property values are different in all parts of the country, the amount of money Crown Castle pays each landowner, and thus the amount it in turn charges its own customers, is different for nearly every tower. The value of a lease on a cell tower in a rural, sparsely populated area, for instance, is probably quite small. On the other hand, cell towers within densely populated cities typically have very large leases.

In addition to traditional, monolithic cell towers, Crown Castle also builds and leases what it calls Small Cell Solutions. These are small telecommunications modules placed on existing tall structures, such as buildings, street lamps or grain elevators. This type of module increases the quality of cellular coverage at a much lower cost than full-sized towers.

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