How Do You Learn Typing?

How Do You Learn Typing?

Touchtyping is the skill of typing without looking at the keyboard and involves memorizing finger locations and understanding which fingers press certain keys. Learning this skill calls for practice and discipline with regard to body posture and finger location.

  1. Sit upright

    Correct sitting posture is fundamental for the learning process. Sitting upright with elbows bent at right angles and face looking at the screen from a distance of between 45 and 70 centimeters will speed up the learning process. This posture also ensures that minimum strain is put on the body.

  2. Master the home row location

    Curl your fingers and place your fingers on the keyboard to ensure that they are placed on the keys ASDFJKL from left to right. These keys are known as the home keys. They are located on the middle row and are pressed by the eight fingers.

  3. Master the keyboard scheme

    Obtain a color coded keyboard scheme to help you understand which fingers should press particular keys on the keyboard. Ensure that you always start from the home keys and return to them after typing.

  4. Limit finger motion

    Place your hands at the base of the keyboard and only move as much as is necessary. Considerable attention should be laid on the ring and small fingers as they are generally the least developed.

  5. Enhance your speed slowly

    Your typing speed will increase slowly as you learn. In the meantime, put some effort into learning, practice regularly and be patient with yourself.

Regular practice is critical in learning how to type. To master typing skills, a regular pattern of practice goes a long way.

Minimizing physical effort may be the most important of the final steps. Allowing the fingers to do less work in terms of pressing keys translates into moving them faster on the keyboard with minimum force.