How Do You Learn to Type for Free Online?

How Do You Learn to Type for Free Online? and offer free typing lessons online. The two websites also provide other learning materials, including typing tips and tests, to guide students through the basics of typing.

To learn how to type on TypingClub, go to the home page of the website and click Get Started. The new page contains different typing lessons for beginners. Click on the first lesson and follow the on-screen instructions for introduction to basic typing skills, and then proceed to the next lesson.

You do not need to create a user account to learn how to type via TypingClub, but as you advance through the lessons, you may need an account to save your progress and supervise your work. The top right corner of the website provides a summary of your progress, including the number of hours spent on the website, typing speed and scores.

On LearnTyping, select between beginner and advanced lessons on the home page and follow the simple tutorials to learn how to type. The left-hand side of each lesson page includes other sub-topics under that particular lesson, such as keyboard shortcuts and quick typing tests. The website also provides free typing games to entertain students while improving their typing skills.