How Do You Learn SQL?

How Do You Learn SQL?

Learning Structured Query Language starts with understanding how databases work. Basic concepts include creating a simple database and its tables, manipulating table data through commands, and developing relationships between tables. Beginners gain experience by practicing with SQL code through database management systems, such as SQLite and MySQL.

SQL courses are available for free on the Internet. Many of them thoroughly discuss the concepts and syntax of SQL, while others provide samples and exercises for those who learn best by example. Reference books are also a great help when learning how to manipulate SQL.

SQL is a collection of commands operators use to interact with databases and retrieve information in formatted reports. Databases segregate data into tables, similar to how workbooks in spreadsheet software separate data within worksheets. Each database has its own unique purpose but may correlate with other databases to share common information.

The line "create database DBase;" is one of the first SQL codes users learn. This code creates a database called "DBase," although users can pick a different name by modifying the code. Users create tables and add data.

Users manipulate the data through commands like "INSERT INTO", "UPDATE", "SELECT" and "DELETE FROM". To link data between tables, users need to learn about the "JOIN" command.