How do you learn programming?


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Learning how to program involves choosing a programming language, studying books and other resources and putting the acquired knowledge into practice. Beginners must identify their goals in programming and the platform they are using to identify which language they should learn first.

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Programming languages that are widely used as of 2014 include C, Java, Python and JavaScript. C is a low-level programming language that teaches how to interface with hardware, efficiently manage memory and debug programs. Java familiarizes programmers with object-oriented programming. Python is more lenient to syntax and one of the easiest to learn.

A wide range of resources are available for every programming language. Books, documentation and code examples help with self-learning. Many online resources, such as e-books, interactive tutorials and videos, are also available for free. Hiring a mentor, attending lectures and other forms of guided learning can also provide further insight on how to write computer programs. Other ways to master programming include developing functional mobile apps and video games, creating browser extensions and participating in coding competitions.

Any skills that are acquired from learning a programming language are helpful in learning other languages. Many languages have similar code structure and syntax despite their differences in application. Regardless of which language is chosen, the acquired programming skills are valuable when applying for a high-paying job in tech companies.

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