How Do You Learn Coding?

To learn coding, first identify the language you'd like to learn. Next, study the language. Interactive online learning websites such as are a great help in this regard. Then, practice your skills on your own. Finally, achieve mastery of the language of your choice.

  1. Identify the language you'd like to learn

    Different programming languages are best suited to different purposes. If you have a particular purpose in mind for learning to program, choose a language suited to that purpose. You can turn to sites like, where experienced programmers answer programming questions, for advice on your first programming language.

  2. Study the language

    Read books, use programming courseware, or take advantage of interactive learning websites to study the language of your choice. Try your best to learn not just how bits of code work the way they do, but also why they work the way they do.

  3. Practice on your own projects

    Practice what you've learned through your studies on your own projects. Start with small programs that accomplish a specific task. Let your determination to complete these projects pull you toward solutions beyond what your books and other study resources teach you.

  4. Become fluent in the language

    With continued practice, you should achieve a level of mastery in the language that allows you to expand your skills on your own. Be creative, and try new things until using the language becomes second nature to you.