How Do You Learn Code?

How Do You Learn Code?

To learn code, start by learning the basics of a computer language. Online learning websites like are a great place to start. Between lessons, take the time to apply what you've learned to build interesting projects.

Different programming languages are best suited to different purposes. If you have a particular purpose in mind for learning to program, choose a language suited to that purpose. You can turn to sites like, where experienced programmers answer programming questions, for advice on your first programming language.

  1. Learn the basics of a computer language

    Begin your journey to code mastery by learning the basics of a computer language. Take advantage of interactive online learning websites that provide an introductory view into some of the general concepts of computer programming.

  2. Practice what you've learned

    Between lessons, practice what you learn to gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn't. If you have a pet project you're set on programming, try to apply what you've learned to building it. Otherwise, build small programs that achieve a simple goal.

  3. Learn from your mistakes

    Initially, you may fail at creating something useful, but use each failure to learn something new. When a block of code doesn't work the first time, let curiosity pull you toward a solution.

  4. Ask questions

    Get help from experienced programmers—both to better understand the concepts presented in your programming lessons and to solve issues you run into as you practice your skills. Use websites such as, where programmers answer questions from other programmers, to this end.

  5. Expand your skill set

    Repeat the above process as you progress through lessons to expand your skill set until you achieve the necessary fluency in the language to delve deeper into it on your own.