How Do You Learn to Code With Codecademy?


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To learn how to code with Codecademy, log in with your Google or Facebook account on Codecademy.com, select a programming or scripting language in the Learn to Code section, initiate the course, and complete the units following the instructions within the course interface. While individual lessons and units are available for free, Codecademy provides an option to subscribe to the service on a monthly basis, which allows access to additional resources and quizzes as of 2015.

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To enroll in a course, select it from the home page, and click the Start button. Alternatively, select a specific unit or lesson. Codecademy arranges the courses based on completing a specific action via coding, such as making an interactive website or analyzing business metrics, and individual programming languages, such as Python, Ruby and JavaScript. For each course, the website provides information regarding the total number of currently enrolled students, average time necessary to complete the course and the required technical level.

The course interface contains a section wherein users can type and submit code, a section containing the instructions for the current step and a selection menu that includes all the steps. After completing a step, a checkmark appears next to it, and the main course page reflects the progress by displaying the percentage number for individual units. In addition to courses, Codecademy offers free articles that cover topics such as code debugging, programming references, mapping custom domains and setting up programming language on the computer.

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