How Do You Learn Automotive Wiring?


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Learn automotive wiring techniques by taking classes at a local vocational-technical college. Workshops or seminars and online support sites that offer tips and tricks can also be used to learn wiring.

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Vocational-technical colleges offer degrees on automotive repair and electrical systems. Technical schools may certify students in automotive wiring so that students who complete the courses can find employment at an auto repair shop. Electrical wiring classes are part of an overall auto repair curriculum.

If a student does not want to take an entire course, a vocational-tech college may allow someone to take one or two classes in a particular subject. Some classes occur at night to cater to individuals who work during the day, and some courses offer online distance-learning opportunities.

Seminars, workshops and tutorials update certified specialists when new vehicles, new technology and new wiring techniques arrive in late-year models. Classes and textbooks that teach automotive wiring may not update as quickly as periodical workshops. Online sources give brief explanations of basic automotive wiring diagrams, and interested parties learn wiring basics from these websites.

Many courses include information on reading wiring diagrams. A wiring diagram provides a visual representation of a vehicle's electrical system. These diagrams are found in shop manuals and special books that contain wiring diagrams of several vehicles in one volume and can provide an invaluable study aid.

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