How Do Le Pan Tablets Compare to Other Major U.S. Tablet Brands?

How Do Le Pan Tablets Compare to Other Major U.S. Tablet Brands?

Le Pan tablets compare well to the Apple iPad or the Acer Iconia tablet range, although the Le Pan is not as refined as the Apple tablet, mainly in terms of features. Among the notable features is its screen size, which is 9.7 inches. Also noteworthy is that the overall sound quality of some Le Pan tablets has been rated higher than its competitors.

One of the main selling points of the Le Pan range compared to other models is price. Although, for example, the Le Pan II tablet is similar in many respects to the Apple iPad, but it is a fraction of the cost.

One disadvantage of some Le Pan tablets, especially the 9.7-inch devices, is that letter boxing can reduce the size of movie playback. Additionally, some models do not have HDMI ports, which means linking to other devices to playback in higher quality is not possible.

When compared to an Apple iPad, the entry level Le Pan tablets do not have the same amount of processing power. A Le Pan II for example, has a dual-core 1.2GHz processor.

Overall however, Le Pan tablets offer a cost-effective entry-level tablet solution, that often perform equally as well as similarly tiered devices while costing less. They perform well as all-purpose devices for Internet browsing, using applications, and checking email, but lack of USB and HDMI ports imposes certain restrictions.