Are LCD or LED Televisions More Beneficial?


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According to ScreenTek, newer-model LED TVs are more beneficial than older LCD TVs, as LED TVs consume a lower amount of energy, generate less heat, have a longer lifespan and feature a brighter screen. LCD TVs are backlit with CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) lighting.

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ScreenTek adds that the difference between LED and LCD TVs is how they are lighted. LED TVs are LCD TVs. However, the newer models are backlit with a light-emitting diode rather than a cold cathode fluorescent lamp, or CCFL, like older LCD TVs.

ScreenTek states that the liquid crystal display of LCD TVs does not manufacture light by itself in order to illuminate an image. Therefore, a backlight is used in the form of an LED or CCFL. CCFLs are also used widely for laptop LCDs. The lighting consists of a fluorescent tube affixed to an inverter board that supplies electricity to the lamp. In some instances, the backlight features two tubes and two pairs of inverters, and is referenced by the acronym of 2-CCFL.

ScreenTek says that LEDs utilize an LED strip rather than a tube. According to the site, LED backlights do not require inverters. The technology is used in GPS devices and mobile phones. The utilization of LED backights in laptops is popular, as the lights are a more a cost-effective alternative.

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