What Is the Latest Wifi Technology?

latest-wifi-technology Credit: Innocenti/Cultura/Getty Images

As of August 2015, the latest Wi-Fi technology is the 802.11ac, a faster and more scalable version of 802.11n. It has three different dimensions by which it achieves raw speed increase and ensures the advantages of gigabit Ethernet in the wireless network.

One of the major dimensions that 802.11ac achieves is a speed increase, which it accomplishes with channel bonding that's increased from a maximum of 40 megahertz in 802.11n to 80 MHz or even 160 MHz. It also offers denser modulation and more multiple input-multiple output, providing eight spatial streams compared to the previous four. The number of clients supported by an access point also increases, and parallel video streams have more available bandwidth compared to the bandwidth available with previous Wi-Fi versions. Since it is a 5-gigahertz-only technology, it allows clients to operate in the less crowded 5-GHz band.

Whereas the previous 802.11n version transfers a single frame at a time to all its ports, 802.11ac has multiuser-MIMO technology that allows an access point to send multiple frames to multiple clients at the same time over the same frequency spectrum. Thus, a large amount of data is squeezed through the airwaves. The 802.11ac technology also introduces standardized beamforming to reduce the interoperability issue that was an issue in 802.11n.