How Are Lasers Used in Communication?


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Lasers are used in communication in many ways, such as scanning bar codes at checkout lines, transferring information by reading CDs and DVDs, and tapping the fiber optic backbone of phone and Internet services, explains Nicholas Gerbis on Howstuffworks. Moreover, NASA has used laser communication for space exploration, especially in sending data from the outer space to Earth.

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How Are Lasers Used in Communication?
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Gerbis further explains that light has the ability to outperform radio in terms of information speed and density. As light wavelengths are packed a lot more tightly than sound waves, they are able to transmit more information per second with a stronger signal.

The Teach-ICT explains that unlike the small LEDS used in fiber optic communication, laser communication uses high-power laser beams to send light signals, and the beams directly travel through the air. Some commercial systems provide Gigabit Ethernet connection speed that reaches over 1.5 miles. In space exploration, laser communication serves a vital role in exchanging data between satellites. The beams stay strong and tightly focused in the outer space, providing up to 10 gbps of speed. The major uses of laser communication include satellite-to-satellite communication, building-to-building communication, backup network for cabled networks, high speed data feeds for outdoor events, emergency data links and campus wide communication.

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