How Does the Laser Keyboard Work?

laser-keyboard-work Credit: Matt Champlin/Moment Open/Getty Images

The laser keyboard is based on an optical recognition mechanism. Also known as the Magic Cube, the laser keyboard is a portable device that is the size of a smartphone and projects the image of a QWERTY keyboard when operating. The laser-red projection does not detect the movement of the hand; the infrared sensor in the middle of the device is responsible for detecting the position of the fingers.

According to Celluon, the manufacturer of the Magic Cube, the device uses a safe form of laser and is able to project the image of a fixed keyboard pattern on any flat or level surface. The projected keyboard image becomes larger if the Magic Cube is positioned higher or if the distance is increased. Plugging the device in a USB port charges the device and also pairs it with the device it is connected to. When connected to a laptop via USB cable, it is recognized as a normal keyboard. According PC Advisor Magazine, connecting it via Bluetooth may take some effort, as the Magic Cube requires a code to pair the two devices. The Magic Cube also comes with a mouse function and works like a touchpad when the FN button is pressed.