How Do You Get a Large Animated Emoticon?

How Do You Get a Large Animated Emoticon?

Large animated emoticons are available from many websites that specialize in providing dozens of emoticons for download. Some of those sites are and, explains

The emoticon can either be bought or downloaded for free depending on the particular website. offers a large variety of large animated emoticons. The best thing is that the animated emoticons are free. All you need to do is go to the website and go through the animated emoticons category.

Note the device being used should be JavaScript enabled. Left click on the animated emoticon chosen, and JavaScript copies the code. Finally, right click on device, and the emoticon will be added to the platform. You can also write an email to and request the emoticons, explains

ITunes has a mobile application for its customers. The application is loaded with hundreds of emoticons. Although the app is for sale, it is continually updated with new animated emoticons, explains ITunes.

Some sites also give guidelines and instructions on how to get emoticons and use them for posts made in text, email platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and many others. One of these sites is This site enables you to add emoticons with a single click, explains Crawler Smileys.