Do Laptops Offer You the Ability to Clear Your Cache Memory?


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Clear the cache memory on a laptop in the same way as on any desktop computer. Clearing the cache or cookies differs slightly depending on the browser being used, but the process is otherwise the same for any computer.

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Clearing the cache memory on a laptop involves the same steps as doing it on a desktop computer. While the details differ depending on the browser, the process is essentially the same, and it always begins with launching the browser and locating the menu bar.

For Internet Explorer, click Edit and select Preferences. Use the arrow beside Web Browser and click Advanced, followed by Empty Now. For Opera 7, click on Tools and select Preferences, then click on History and Cache followed by the Clear Memory Cache button. Click on the Clear Disk Case button after that, and then on OK. In Safari, select Empty Cache. A message box will open asking "Are you sure?" Click on Empty to confirm, then close the browser.

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