Why Does My Laptop Run so Slowly?


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According to Power Solution, the most common reasons that computers move slow are the computer needs a reboot, there is little available hard drive space, the hard drive is corrupted, there are too many background programs running, or the computer is infected by malware or a virus. More possibilities include hardware or driver issues, an outdated operating system, heat issues, lack of RAM, excessive age and hardware failure.

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Why Does My Laptop Run so Slowly?
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While there are not always fixes for the issues that make a laptop slow, there are usually some available solutions. Rebooting a laptop may cause certain software, or even the operating system, to update. When these do not update, they back up the computer's memory and cause it to move slowly. If the computer has too much information stored on the hard drive, it may move slow. Power Solution recommends keeping 20 percent of hard drive space available. Ensure the hard drive does not clog by deleting unnecessary documents, pictures, videos and other files. Windows computers often have many background applications. Open Task Manager to see all processes that are running, and end those not needed. Finally, proper virus scanning and hardware maintenance can assist in keeping laptops running fast. However, age eventually destroys all computers; if a laptop is too old, it may be best to replace it.

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