What Is a Kobo Desktop Application?

What Is a Kobo Desktop Application?

The Kobo desktop application is a version of the e-book reader by Kobo that works on desktop computers. As of January 2016, the desktop application is available for both Windows and Mac OS X systems for free. Users can download the application from Kobo.com.

The Kobo desktop application allows the user to purchase and read e-books within the application. It can sync with other devices, such as tablets, so that the user can continue reading a book that he started on a tablet. As it can connect to Kobo's bookstore directly, the desktop application has access to over four million e-books, magazines and comics.

The application can also find the books the user is looking for and make suggestions. Users can search by title, author or topic by using the search bar. Likewise, browsing the Collections section allows the user to see suggested content. The application also has a library function via which the user can only display the books he wants to have on hand.

The Kobo desktop application also features a night mode that adjusts the visuals to make it easier to read books in dimly lit environments. It can also adjust font style and size.

To download the application, hover the cursor over Applications on the website, and click Kobo Desktop. Click Download Now to begin the download.