What Does KMSL Mean in Texting?


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The acronym "KMSL" is used in place of the phrase "killing myself laughing." It is sometimes used in text messaging, emailing and other means of communication on the Internet. The acronym "KML" also has that definition but omits the "S."

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There are many acronyms that are similar in meaning to KMSL, including: "HMSL," which means "hurt myself laughing," and, "KMSWL," which means "killing myself with laughter." Other acronyms which reference laughing include "LMSO," which means "laughing my socks off," "RAWL," which means "rolling around while laughing," and, "ROTFL," which means "rolling on the floor laughing." More common acronyms include "LOL," which means "laughing out loud" and "LSMIH," which means "laughing so much it hurts."

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