What Kinds of Photo Effects Does PhotoFunia Allow People to Make?


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Some of the effects PhotoFunia offers include turning a photo into a pencil drawing or engraving, putting a face from a photo onto a generated image, and using color filters to alter the mood of a photo. PhotoFunia offers hundreds of photo effects; its creators add new effects regularly.

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PhotoFunia, which is free to use, allows its users to add a face from their own photos onto the bodies of famous people and different characters. Its Billboard effects add a user's photo to a billboard, and its Gallery effects use either the user's photo or a drawing of that user's photo as a work of art viewed by spectators in a gallery. The Magazine effects allow a person's photo to become the cover of a magazine, which someone is holding and reading. Users also have the option of adding their photos to comical images, such as wanted posters and TV news screens, adding their own headlines.

PhotoFunia also allows its users to incorporate personal messages into numerous images, using its Lab effects. Users write in sand, snow and fog on a window. Messages display as graffiti, type on a page in a typewriter, or as pasta letters in a bowl of soup.

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