What Kinds of Computer Skills Assessment Tests Are There?

What Kinds of Computer Skills Assessment Tests Are There?

There are several computer skills assessment tests, including a basic skills test from Proprofs and quizzes from university websites. For example, Illinois Valley Community College provides a computer skills assessment.

On Proprofs, people can take a basic computer skills assessment. This particular quiz is short and only touches on very simple skills, such as finding programs on a computer, minimizing windows and identifying the functions of various keys on the keyboard.

Illinois Valley Community College offers a more thorough computer skills assessment. This assessment determines whether the test taker knows how to use a keyboard and mouse, navigate toolbars and windows, open and organize files, use the Internet and send email.

Independence University requires students to pass a computer literacy assessment before enrolling in an online class. Along with basic computer skills, word processing skills, and Internet and email skills, this quiz asks about basic computer ethics, including netiquette, plagiarism and copyright laws.

Dallas County Community College offers a placement test which determines whether the test taker has no knowledge, limited knowledge or good knowledge about a particular element of computer literacy.

EmployTest offers more specified tests and is great for a business owner who wants to make sure his employees have particular computer skill sets. These tests do cost money, but can be worth it for a company that relies heavily on computers.