What Kinds of Apps Are Available for Kindle Fire?


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Apps available for the Kindle Fire include games, social media programs, productivity tools and interactive publications, as of 2015. The Kindle Fire can also download apps for accessing Internet content, watching movies and television programs, monitoring the device and finding new apps.

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The Kindle Fire acts as both an e-reader and a tablet, which means it allows users to read digital books and publications as well as use special programs, known as apps. Game apps are among the most popular types of apps for the Kindle Fire, including games such as "Angry Birds," "Scribblenauts" or "Plants vs. Zombies." Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook also publish apps for accessing their services on the device. Scheduling and calendar apps aid the Kindle Fire owner to manage their lifestyle activities.

The device runs a unique version of the Android mobile operating system that gives the device the capability to run these programs and display them on its screen. In addition to a set of native apps that allow users to access Kindle books, browse the Internet and manage different settings on the device, the Kindle Fire also supports the installation of external apps from the Amazon Kindle and other app stores.

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