Does a Kindle Fire Play Youtube Videos Better Than a PC?


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As of 2015, most relatively new computers and tablets have no trouble playing YouTube videos at full speed. However, the higher resolution of some tablets, including Kindle tablets, may give them an edge.

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While the original Kindle Fire devices had a lower resolution than many laptops and desktops, their smaller size gave them a higher dots-per-inch value. Second-, third- and fourth-generation Kindle Fire devices are able to play either 720p or 1080p video at their full resolutions, giving them an advantage over some desktop and laptop screens when it comes to picture clarity.

Tablet screens often feature a brighter picture than their laptop and desktop counterparts, and Kindle Fire devices are no exception. The IPS LCD used is capable of producing vivid images, potentially giving them better picture quality. While IPS desktop and laptop monitors are available, their high cost makes them uncommon.

However, the small size of Kindle Fire screens may make viewing videos on them cumbersome. Tablets are designed to be held, which can become tiring over time. While there are a number of stands available, the largest Kindle Fire screens are still much smaller than almost all desktop and laptop screens, which can make watching videos on them less impressive than larger screens, especially if more than one person is watching.

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