How Does the Kindle Fire HDX Compare to Other Tablets?


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The Kindle Fire HDX does not include the Google App store, and can not run the Google Chrome browser, although it uses a customized version of the Android operating system. Chrome runs on iPads, Windows tablets and any non-Amazon tablet running the Android operating system.

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The Kindle Fire HDX is promoted as being capable for work or play, but it can not install or run Microsoft Office apps like Word and Excel, or Google Apps or Google Docs. It is also unable to access your Google drive. If you use these programs, keep in mind that these apps work just fine on Apple iPads, Android tablets and Windows tablets.

The Kindle App store has apps that can view some Microsoft Office document types, but their performance for your needs may not be adequate, depending on what you need to work on. You may be unable to open, edit, save changes or share your document easily, making collaborative work challenging, if not impossible.

As far as playing games is concerned, the selection is limited too, due to the Google Play store's absence. Some Kindle Fire HDX users have had trouble with games, movies, music or drawing apps not working temporarily, or never working again due to an unavailable, but necessary, system update.

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