What Is a Kindle?

A Kindle is a basic e-reader from the company Amazon. Kindles often use eInk technology to make the words on the screen look just like those in a normal paper book.

The word “kindle” most often refers to the original e-reader, though there are now Amazon Kindle tablets, such as the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Kindle e-reader is designed to last a long time on one charge, so it’s easier to take them on the road. Some Kindle devices can last a month on one charge. The simplest Kindle devices only display black and white text and can’t run many apps, show anything in color or run videos. You can purchase books from the Amazon store and download them to a Kindle for reading. Kindles often either connect via Wi-Fi or a service like third-generation connectivity. Kindle Fire devices run an Amazon-specific version of Android and have LCD screens and the ability to run apps, videos and other regular tablet features. As of March 2014, there are six generations of Kindle devices with many different names such as Kindle Basic, Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon stores all books you purchase with a Kindle so you can share them between your various devices.