What Kind of Videos Are on the Têtes À Claques Website?


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The (Au Pays de) Têtes à Claques website offers a host of animated skit-comedy videos, all originally produced in French. Created by Michael Beaudet, the videos employ a simplistic claymation, stop-action style that adds to their campy, irreverent appeal. Beginning in August 2008, selected videos on Têtes à Claques have become available in English and Spanish.

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Têtes à Claques loosely translates as "a face so ugly, you want to slap it," a title reflecting the low quality animation used to produce many of the skit characters, particularly their expressions. Deeming himself too lazy to do a traditional stop-action technique, which requires constant moving of the clay figure's facial features, Beaudet opted instead to frequently superimpose his own eyes, mouth and nose using computer graphics tools. The unusual appearance of the characters is often further enhanced by a grotesque set of fake teeth Beaudet also superimposes over the original clay.

Some of the most popular videos included on the site are "Halloween," Le Willi Waller" and Le Pilote." In addition to the full length episodes - usually approximately 20 minutes - there are also character shorts and clips available under the "Video" tool bar. The French used in the programs is noticeably French Canadian in nature, emphasizing in particular stereotypical pronunciations found in Quebec. This, along with the constant introduction of English words and expressions, or Anglicisms, amplifies the humor as well the site's international appeal.

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