What Kind of Topics Are Discussed on the Bardstown Forum?

What Kind of Topics Are Discussed on the Bardstown Forum?

Topics discussed on the Bardstown forum include community sports, church and college updates and local news for Bardstown, Kentucky, according to Topix.com. The site also posts classified advertising and a calendar of events.

The Bardstown, Kentucky, discussion site also encourages residents to post commentary regarding local government issues and related area television and radio coverage. Site visitors can ask questions, discuss their opinions and even create surveys.

Posts as of May 2015 include a review of local tattoo shops, changing public opinion regarding gay marriage, a request for assistance in locating kittens, concerns about home break-ins and where to find information regarding salaries for officials. Recent news posts include a warning to the public about a local burglar, including a description of the suspect issued by police.

Links are also available to the top stories for greater Kentucky, including congressional races, political debates and campaigns, and crime investigations. The site also offers users a link to Topix TALK, a discussion board devoted to broader issues and interests, such as the Middle East, national politics, celebrities, and science and industry.

The Forum includes links to Facebook and Twitter, and site users can track specific discussion threads, set alerts for new thread activity, and print and email posts.