What Kind of Tools Are Available From Study Island?

What Kind of Tools Are Available From Study Island?

Reading Eggs, EducationCity, Common Core Benchmarking and Northstar Workforce Readiness are some of the software-based learning tools available from Study Island. The company also produces learning tools to fit each specific state's educational guidelines and standardized testing formats for all grades, including Pre-K through 12. Math, science, reading and social studies are some of the subject areas covered. Additionally college preparatory and career readiness bundles are available for high schools.

The Reading Eggs program provides individualized instruction for Pre-K through second-grade students with a comprehensive, Web-based supplemental literacy learning tool. The program monitors the students' progress as they work and play through interactive animations, games, songs and learning activities designed to build and reinforce the five key pillars of literacy: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

EducationCity is a classroom-based learning solution that involves all of the students with interactive whiteboard lessons. It uses curriculum-based activities to engage and reinforce learning with thousands of available lessons and activities.

Monitoring and evaluating student proficiency in relation to the national standard is the emphasis for the Common Core Benchmarking module. The tool is customized for specific grade levels.

Post-secondary education can be continued with the Northstar Workforce Readiness software. This tool allows high school graduates to further the skills needed to succeed in the workplace and continue on to higher education institutions.