What Kind of Stories Does Daily Kos Cover?


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Daily Kos is a website that generally covers American political stories from a liberal perspective. In addition to political news, Daily Kos also has dedicated sections to political cartoons and labor stories as of 2015.

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Examples of political stories covered by Daily Kos include a report about a presidential candidate's comments concerning his negative coverage on mainstream media networks and a story about the tension between police and protesters. Daily Kos writers often interject personal opinions into political news items. For example, in a story concerning Ash Carter's use of personal e-mail for government matters, the columnist raises questions concerning the Republicans' treatment of Carter in contrast to Hillary Clinton's treatment for a similar matter. The writer also calls Joe Kasper, one Republican who minimized Carter's actions as a minor mistake, unaware.

Examples of stories covered by Daily Kos' labor section include a presidential candidate's suggestion to close under-performing schools and the decision of a teacher's union in a large U.S. city to go on strike. The labor section also covers stories about large American corporations such as Wal-Mart, Lyft and Uber. Occasionally, Daily Kos publishes other stories that are not directly related to politics, such as a school's decision to fire a generous cafeteria worker and a review of a Florida theme park aimed at Evangelical Christians.

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