What Kind of Reviews Does Verizon Edge Receive?


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A majority of reviews for Verizon Edge are negative, but there are positive and mixed reviews as well. Many reviewers complain about the pricey Verizon Edge plans and harsh conditions, while others like it due to reliable coverage and consistently high speeds.

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What Kind of Reviews Does Verizon Edge Receive?
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Many reviewers complain that the two-year contract is costly and that they are forced to pay off an extra monthly installment in order to upgrade mobile phones. Several reviewers protest that the Edge plan only allows them to apply for a limited contract period and they are forced to start the 24 months of payments afresh when buying a new phone.

Some reviewers lament that it takes long before acquiring the phone since one has to pay the full amount within the 24 months. Other reviewers object that one has to meet harsh terms and conditions in order to be eligible for the Verizon Edge plan. One reviewer complains that when a line is suspended, charges are still applied. Others mention that one receives nothing in return after trading in a smartphone.

However, some reviewers state that Verizon is the largest cell phone provider in America and it offers the most reliable coverage. Other reviewers mention that Verizon offers the highest speeds, and that the customer service team is well recognized and offers quality support. Other reviewers acknowledge that the Verizon Edge Plan adds more ways for smartphone owners to upgrade to the latest technology without waiting for the two-year contract fulfillment.

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