What Kind of Reviews Do Samsung Smart TVs Get?

kind-reviews-samsung-smart-tvs Credit: pablo_rodriguez1/iStock/Getty Images

Samsung smart TVs generally receive very positive, enthusiastic reviews. Rtings.com gives the Samsung smart TV an overall score of nine out of 10, and TechRadar considers the Samsung smart TV among the six best products on the market.

Rtings praises several components of the Samsung smart TV, including its design, usability, web browser, extra features and remote. Rtings applauds the remote's point-and-click convenience, which makes it easy to select apps, browse the web and enter text. The remote's ergonomic design also makes it more comfortable to handle for long periods.

TechRadar notes several Samsung smart TV advantages such as the Samsung Smart View app, which streams a clone of live television to any phone or tablet. TechRadar also lauds the Samsung Smart Hub and its five separate screens for television, social media, apps, on-demand films and users' own digital media. TechRadar points out that in addition to Netflix, Samsung smart TV apps include NatGeo Images, TED and S Recommendation, which uses a viewer's habits to suggest content.

Some highlights of the new Samsung smart TVs, according to an approving review on TrustedReviews.com, are its upgraded and strengthened compatibility with mobile devices, its overlaid menu design and extensive video-streaming apps. TrustedReviews rates the Samsung smart TV as an eight out of 10.