What Kind of Reviews Did the D2 Tablet Receive?

What Kind of Reviews Did the D2 Tablet Receive?

The D2 Tablet receives mixed reviews ranging from average to poor. It has an average customer rating of 3.3 stars on Amazon.com and a rating of 1.5 out of 5 from Laptop Magazine. Positive reviews praise its low cost, while negative reviews cite low battery life and a poor-quality screen.

Positive reviews cite the D2 Tablet's low price and high value. They also praise the tablet's wide app selection due to its inclusion of the Amazon Appstore. Its other pros include compatibility with third-party accessories, such as generic 7-inch tablet cases, USB adapters and Bluetooth keyboards.

Negative reviews claim that the D2 Tablet's display is low-resolution and fuzzy. Its performance is not competitive with more expensive models, despite being a good value for its low price. Another consistent complaint is poor battery life. Laptop Magazine's tests of the D2 Tablet demonstrate less than half the battery life of the average 7-inch Android tablet.

More positive reviews provide tips on gaining maximum battery life from the D2 Tablet. Fully charging the D2 Tablet prior to its first use and fully draining the battery before charging again helps ensure the best possible battery life.

Another common complaint is that the D2 Tablet does not support Google Play. The D2 Tablet does not meet Google's supported device requirements and does not have a license to pre-install Google Play.