What Kind of Programming Does Ethiopian Satellite Television Show?

Ethiopian Satellite Television shows a variety of programming, including daily news, panel discussions, entertainment, cultural shows and documentaries. This independent television station also broadcasts news analysis, historical shows, sports, interviews and health programs. The company strives to promote free flow of information and to air programs that reflect the Ethiopian society.

Ethiopian Satellite Television, or ESAT, features a number of programs such as “Efeta,” “Tamagn Show,” “Tenenet,” “Focus on Ethiopia” and “Meade ESAT.” In addition to radio shows, ESAT offers live streaming of the channel on the website 22OnlineSystemRbtv.net. ESAT has a broadcasting team that consists of exiled journalists, civil society persons, human rights advocates and various community members. ESAT helps connect the Ethiopian public with national and global affairs. The company receives funding through contributions from the Diaspora and individual donors, as of 2015.

Established in April 2010, ESAT aims to improve freedom of press, spread awareness on human rights, and promote democracy and proper functioning of law in Ethiopia. The main studio of ESAT is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The station also has branches in Washington D.C. and London. ESAT’s 13-member independent advisory board works to ensure transmission of fair, balanced and accurate content that conforms to the company’s editorial policy.