What Kind of News Does 24 Sata Cover?

What Kind of News Does 24 Sata Cover?

24Sata is a Croatian newspaper that covers political, business, sports, technology and entertainment news, as of 2015. The website, 24Sata.hr, offers regional and global news articles, lifestyle columns, science and technology news, games and sweepstakes, and videos.

24Sata offers sports news, covering football, handball, hockey, skiing and basketball. The newspaper also covers Formula 1 racing, tennis, athletics and water polo games. 24Sata.hr features articles and photos from the latest episodes of soap operas and reality show as well as daily TV schedules. The website also publishes stories related to local and international artists and celebrities.

The website’s lifestyle section features topics such as relationships, health, fashion, cooking and pets. Other lifestyle topics include travel, psychology, beauty, family and gardening. The website also features contents related to new technologies, scientific research, phones and gadgets, gaming and automobiles. Users can also play games, read jokes and watch humorous videos.

In addition to a website, 24Sata offers a mobile application that is available on Android, Apple and Windows devices. The newspaper has an RSS feed so that readers can stay up to date.

The Styria Media Group AG owns 24Sata. Launched in March 2005, the newspaper is headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia and circulates nationwide. 24Sata also posts on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.