What Kind of Games Can Kids Play on TVO?


TVO offers educational games for kids to play that help them to learn basic skills. Children can choose spelling and language games, as well as math and science activities. There are also sports, health and musical exercises.

TVO's word games include a spelling bee exercise that tests the child's abilities in a timed setting. Children can also choose a game where they spell the names of different objects as they appear on the computer screen. The "Alphabet Goop" game helps younger players identify the letters of the alphabet.

The game site tests a child's math skills with a variety of timed exercises. It also teaches players about prime numbers and fractions. Science games explore dinosaurs and various types of animals. Players can also participate in simulated chemistry experiments and learn about space exploration.

The "Healthy Body" game challenges kids to identify a variety of healthy choices before time runs out, while "Hot Spots" tests a child's knowledge of fire hazards. Players can also enjoy sporting games, such as soccer and bowling.

The TVO website contains a dedicated list of games for children who are two and three- years-old. There is also a section for older children, covering the ages up to 11.