What Kind of Blank CD Do I Need to Use to Burn PC Games?

Depending on the size of the game, a CD, data CD or data DVD can be used to burn the program. It is not possible to make copies of all games due to the copyright laws in place, but many games allow back-up copies to be made for personal use.

If the game is under 700 megabytes in size, a blank CD-R or a data CD-R can be used to burn the backup of the game. If the game files are larger than 700 megabytes, a data DVD-R will be needed to accommodate the large file. A data DVD-R is capable of holding up to 4.7 gigabytes worth of information on one single disc, making it a common choice for larger game with tons of image files.

There are a variety of software titles available to assist with burning game files, but the Windows DVD Maker program is pre-installed on computers with Windows operating systems. Windows Media Player offers a quick way to burn the game if the files are already located in the library. If the game files are not located in the Windows Media Player library, simply enter a blank CD into the drive of the computer and select "burn" when the dialogue box appears. Select files from any folder and drag and drop them into the burn list.