What Is a Keyword Search Tool Used For?


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Keyword research tools are used to identify the specific words and phrases entered into search engines. Identifying these keywords helps website owners improve their search engine rankings and drive traffic to their websites.

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Search engines use software to search vast amounts of data and return results based on a user's search criteria. People use keywords to find information on specific topics. If someone types "pink sapphire necklace" into a search engine, the keyword is "pink sapphire necklace." Search engines attempt to deliver the most relevant information, so it's important for website owners to use the right keywords in their content.

Keyword research tools create a list of suggested keywords based on a broad search term. If a user types "red shoes" into a research tool, the list of suggested keywords might include "shoes with red soles," "red shoes for women" and "shoes with red bottoms." A keyword research tool also tells how many people are searching for a particular keyword on a daily or monthly basis. This makes it easier to decide which keywords to use on a webpage. If only three or four people search for a particular phrase each day, the topic is likely not popular. Choosing a keyword with hundreds of searches per day makes it easier to attract website viewers.

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