What Are Some Keyboard Shortcuts for a Windows Computer?


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Major system shortcuts in Windows are F1 for the help menu, CTRL+ESC to open the Start menu, ALT+TAB to switch between programs that are currently running, ALT+F4 to quit out of a program and the Windows logo button+L to quickly lock the computer. Holding SHIFT while clicking mouse buttons also brings up an alternate command menu with a right-click and runs the alternate default command with a double-click.

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Holding down the CTRL button initiates a number of common program commands when combined with a letter. "C" is for copy, "V" is for paste, "X" is for cut, "Z" is for undo, "B" is for bold text, "I" is for italic text and "U" is for underlined text. While extremely useful and time saving, these commands do not work with every program.

Other keyboard shortcuts include F10 to activate the menu bar options, SHIFT+F10 to open a shortcut menu for a selected item, CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open Windows Task Manager, ALT and the down arrow to open a drop-down list box and ALT+F6 to switch between multiple windows in the same program.

A file can be copied by holding down CTRL while dragging it to the destination folder, and a file shortcut can be created in a similar manner while holding down both CTRL and SHIFT.

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