What Are Keyboard Problems of Toshiba Laptops?

What Are Keyboard Problems of Toshiba Laptops?

Keyboard issues noted by Toshiba include such problems as a non-operational keyboard or touchpad, issues with keyboard and display screen compatibility or cursor problems when the touchpad is used. Toshiba recommends rebooting the computer, disconnecting the peripherals and checking the settings to troubleshoot any of the aforementioned problems. In the case of a liquid spill, the company advises taking the keyboard to an application service provider or APS for repair.

In the case of a non-operational keyboard, Toshiba recommends checking the peripherals first, such as the mouse and USB devices. If the keyboard is operational after the external components are removed, then the devices need to be examined for any failures. If the keyboard still does not work after removal of the devices, users might attempt to make a Basic Input-Output System update with an external keyboard that works.

If the keyboard is not working because of a liquid spill, users should remove the battery, and refrain from powering up their PC until an APS has repaired the keyboard accessory. Should the touchpad not be working, the company suggests examining the touchpad setting under "Mouse Properties" to see if it has been disabled.

Characters that are typed on a keyboard that do not correspond with the lettering on the screen can be checked by confirming the language being used under "Region and Language Options." Users should perform the check after rebooting the computer and removing the peripherals.

Any problems with an erratic mouse cursor upon touchpad use may be due recalibration. The mouse cursor should not be moved during calibration of a touchpad--a process that ensures precise operation of the touchpad itself.